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Brewers Alex and Chris have brought their heads together to offer their unique perspective to the Michigan beer community.  What started in 2013 from two neighbors discovering their shared love for home brewing continues to morph closer to the reality of their own distinct brand.

With many intimate gatherings and the giving away of "a few" beverages to family and friends, they continue to perfect their recipes and hone their craft. Their dream is becoming real, one pint at a time. Why not join them for the ride?


Our Beer

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Twin Eagle Brew, ask if it came from the Right Head Shed or Left Head Lab. After you become familiar with Twin Eagle, you will know right away. The style and profiles may be different, but one thing remains in common. An EXBEERIENCE that will change the way you identify beers. Enjoy and share on Instagram or Untappd. Be sure that you tag #leftheadlab or #rightheadshed
Left Head Lab
The Left Head Lab is all about mastery of craft. It's goal is to consistently make the best versions of the styles you know and love. Easy drinking everyday beers (but still with the smallest of Twin Eagle twists) that we know you'll enjoy.

Twin Eagle Presents Bier
Legato Cream Ale
Downtown Arbor Dunkel
Badius Brown
Bayside Amber
Haiku Porter
Y2K Stout
and more...

Banner Image
Banner Image
Right Head Shed
Every Right Head Shed beer starts with "What if we...?" You might think of their beers as playful, creative, or unique. Maybe one or two have even been called a little gross. That's okay, it's all about the experimentation...

Half Worchester
Full Worchester
Grandma's Purse
Special K
Bloody Pumpkin
Shot in the Eye
Snow Lizard
and more...

Twin Eagle Events
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Sat, Oct 8th - Oktoberfest, Ann Arbor
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Wearing Twin Eagle Brewing gear proves to everyone that you are the hippest cat in town. You know what's up, what's good. You're a true trendsetter, a person about town. Plus, buying our stuff helps us to make more beer.

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